Stephanie okereke reveals how marriage has been good to her. 

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– She also revealed that she has no regrets about being Mrs Linus Idahosa

– The mum of one also spoke about not giving birth on time

In an age where celebrity marriages are beginning to fail for one reason or the other, actress Stephanie Okereke-Linus has revealed that she has no regret about being married.

Stephanie has had her fair share of marital issues as her marriage to ex footballer Chikelue Iloanusi packed up under spurious circumstances. But her second marriage to Linus Idahosa is doing well.

Speaking in a recent interview, Stephanie revealed that she is enjoying her marriage and she has no regrets marrying at the time she did.

She said thus “Marriage has been very good to me and it has been a wonderful experience all the way. I am happy that I am with someone I love and we are both excited to be sharing the rest of our lives with each other. I have no regrets about getting married at the time I did as I believe that God’s time is the best,” he told Punch.

Asked if she feels any pressure for delaying the birth of her son, she said she doesn’t work with anybody’s time.

“Like I have stated before, it was a personal decision between me and my husband. I do not work with anybody else’s time. So far I know what is good for me, I will go for it.”

Way to go Stephanie 

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